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Albuquerque residents are surprised to discover pigeons nesting under their solar panels, a common occurrence in the city. Pest Bird Management the leading bird control service in Albuquerque. We recommend that you never allow pigeons to live under your solar panels, because bird waste can be hazardous to your health, and it may become difficult to remove the pigeons.

Due to the persistence of birds, particularly pigeons, it can be challenging for property owners to get rid of pigeons. Remember that bird droppings are corrosive and cause damage to a variety of building materials.

Pigeon waste clogs gutters and drains eventually resulting in roof leaks. Bird feces contains viruses and bacteria that can infect humans and other birds. In addition to posing health risks, pigeon droppings can cause a variety of other issues, such as slip-and-fall accidents.

If you want to work with professionals you can trust, go no further than Pest Bird Management for pigeon removal services in Albuquerque. We resolve Pigeon control near me issues quickly, and the birds will be on their way to finding a new home soon.

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Pest Bird Management is Albuquerque’s preferred pigeon removal service, we are Albuquerque's only professional pigeon removal service. Unlike other pest control companies in Albuquerque, New Mexico, who place a greater focus on controlling insects, wildlife, and critter control. Our team of pigeon experts, we focus solely on pigeon removal services.... When you hire Pest Bird Management, you will receive prompt responses to questions such as "How do I get rid of the pigeons living under my solar panels?" in addition to receiving quality service at an affordable price. When you work with us, we recommend the best pigeon control and pigeon deterrent products to solve your bird control problem. We have full faith in the effectiveness of our recommendations and are certain that Bird Pest Management is always the best option.Our technicians are hardworking field trained bird control professionals, they are trained to remove, decontaminate, disinfect, and deodorize pigeon excrement, as well as pigeon-proof homes and buildings. In addition to pigeon-proof homes to prevent pigeons from perching on your roof top, our professional's pigeon proof solar panels as well.If you want to work with a solar panel bird proofing company that understands birds, Pest Bird Management is the way to go. We provide bird proofing protection that guard against pigeon problems and other bird control issues.We identify the issue, propose a solution, and guarantee that our proposed course of action is appropriate for you. Learn More

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Over the last two decades, we've built a solid reputation for understanding how pigeons react, and we are the type of company you'd want to work with. We provide a broad range of bird deterrent systems that deter pigeons and keep them from perching on your rooftop. ... When pigeons begin to build nest on home under your solar panels, we understand your problem. Pest Bird Management is fully aware of the situation you are in, and we are prepared to help. We know that bird proofing in order to eliminate the bird noise and the highly acidic bird poop pigeons leave behind will be no easy task.Our technicians they understand bird control products as well. Did you know that the most widely used bird control method is the use of spike strips, also known as bird spike?Bird spike prevents birds from landing on parapet walls and ledges. Whereas Critter Guards, Bird Netting, Bird Wire Mesh and galvanized wire is used to pigeon proof solar panels. Bird proofing solar energy systems should always be done by a professional because when things go wrong, the cost to repair the mishap can be astonishing.Pest Bird Management is the kind of company you want to work with when you need to scare pigeons away. We provide a range of systems to deter pigeons and keep them from perching on your rooftop. We understand the problem you face when pigeons begin to nest on your home, and our technicians are prepared to help.They know the best products to use to eliminate the noise and the acidic bird poop pigeons leave behind. Our company provides time-tested solutions that really work to resolve your pigeon control near me problems. Learn More

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Pest Bird Management truly understands the problems associated with having flocks of pigeons residing under your solar panels, and we know that getting rid of the pigeons will be no easy assignment. Pigeons left unattended start to breed immediately. One pigeon can breed as many as 6 times per year and the amount of pigeon waste accumulated under a solar panel system can amount to as much as 25 lbs.... per bird per year. Pigeon droppings are acidic by nature and highly corrosive. Pigeon droppings have the potential to damage expensive components located beneath your solar panel system. The contaminated bird waste not only corrodes these expensive solar panels components but the diseased ridden waste will also cause’s roof leaks, clog drains and it can make you sick should and when the right situation presents its self. Pigeon waste is just nasty! Learn More

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    When pigeons become an issue, you can be confident that Pest Bird Management, Albuquerque’s most recommended pigeon removal service, is the company to call. We can get rid of the bird waste, kill the bacteria, and leave your house smelling wonderful. We are always willing to listen and always happy to help resolve a bird control problem. Pest Bird Management, Albuquerque’s most recommended pigeon removal service is the right choice when you need pigeon proofing services near me.

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    Pest Bird Management is frequently contracted, receiving calls from a variety of the nation’s leading solar panel manufacturers. These businesses retain our services to resolve a variety of solar panel issues involving birds. Solar panel companies rely on us to find solutions to bird-related issues for their clients, and we hope that you will trust us as well. We take pride in our reputation for understanding birds and knowing how to resolve these issues.