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Albuquerque residence are often surprised to find that flocks of nesting birds/ pigeons have moved in and are now living under their solar panels. Pest Bird Management Albuquerque’s preferred pigeon removal service, recommends you never allow pigeons to live under your solar panels because it is unhealthy and getting rid of the pigeons will become quite a task.

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Pigeons living under Solar Panels

solar panel pigeon removal
pigeons infesting solar panels

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Pest Bird Management is Albuquerque’s preferred pigeon removal service, we are Albuquerque's only professional pigeon removal service. Our team of pigeon professionals focus strictly on pigeon removal services, and unlike all other pest control companies in Albuquerque NM that focus primarily on insects and animals, we keep our focus on what we do best, removing pigeons.... When you hire Pest Bird Management,  you receive quality service, pricing that you can afford and solutions that quickly unravels the question of how to get rid of the pigeons living under your solar panel. We will figure out the problem and provide you with a time tested solution that makes birds go away suddenly. We guarantee our service works! Learn More

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Your family or business deserves the best, this is why Pest Bird Management is the right pigeon removal service for you. We are Albuquerque’s foremost leader when it comes to providing protection that guard against pigeons and solar panel issues. We figure out the problem, we offer you the solution and we guarantee that our plan of action is right for you.... Pest Bird Management New Mexico's #1 pigeon removal service has built the type of reputation that you would want to do business with. We offer a wide variety of products such as, bird spikes and pigeon spikes, bird netting and bird netting services, bird repellents, bird enclosures, visual bird deterrents as well as furnishing proper waste removal services and proper waste sterilizing services. We are a one stop shop, providing all of the services that you will ever need to resolve your pigeon problems. Our work comes with a guarantee and our solutions are time tested, so you can rest assured that you get what's needed and that our solutions really work! Learn More

We understand your problem.

Pest Bird Management truly understands the problems associated with having flocks of pigeons residing under your solar panels, and we know that getting rid of the pigeons will be no easy assignment. Pigeons left unattended start to breed immediately. One pigeon can breed as many as 6 times per year and the amount of pigeon waste accumulated under a solar panel system can amount to as much as 25 lbs.... per bird per year. Pigeon droppings are acidic by nature and highly corrosive. Pigeon droppings have the potential to damage expensive components located beneath your solar panel system. The contaminated bird waste not only corrodes these expensive solar panels components but the diseased ridden waste will also cause’s roof leaks, clog drains and it can make you sick should and when the right situation presents its self. Pigeon waste is just nasty! Learn More

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    If you are having problems with bird or pigeons living under your solar panels, rest assured  that Pest Bird Management, Albuquerque’s preferred pigeon removal service is the right solar panel pigeon removal service for the job. We can clean up the mess, wash out your gutters and leave your place smelling clean and disease free. We are here to help and always willing to listen, ask a quick question right now!

    solar panel pigeon removal

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    Pest Bird Management is contracted on a regular basis, getting calls from all sorts of top solar panel companies residing in all parts of our nation. These companies hire our services to resolve many different and sometimes complicated bird related solar panel issues. These solar panel companies work hand in hand with Pest Bird Management because they are well aware of our reputation, which is we understanding birds and fixing bird related problems is what we do. We take pride in knowing that solar panels companies trust us to find solutions for their clients and this is why we think you should trust us as well. Feel free to ask a quick question, I’m sure we have a solution that works for you!