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Damage Caused By Bird Droppings/Get rid of pigeons in Rio Rancho

bird repellent bird spike installation

The life expectancy of a rooftop, commercial or residential establishment in Rio Rancho, can be cut in half by just a light, but continuous, application of bird droppings. This light dusting of bird dropping can cost you thousands of dollars in repairs or an entire roof replacement. Bird droppings are naturally acidic and bird droppings actually eat away at most substrates, especially tar-based roofing materials. When bird droppings are allowed to accumulate on rooftops, they eat into the material and eventually cause leaks; feel free to contact Pest Bird Management now.

Rio Rancho Bird Nest/ Water Damage/ How to keep birds away!

Pigeon nests are often built in rain gutters, drains and corners of roofs where drains are located. Many homes and warehouses experience water damage every year, there are rooftops that even collapsed when drainage systems are blocked and standing water is allowed to sit or rise just six inches. When sitting water is allowed to collect, a collapse rooftop could result in death or great bodily harm; this could put a company out of business.

Rio Rancho Bird Droppings/ Collapsing Ceilings/ Get rid of pigeons

Pigeons enter attics of houses, apartments, warehouses, restaurants and other buildings through openings that are not sealed off properly. In most scenarios the pigeons will set up home in these protected areas and start to build nests, all the time discarding bird droppings. Over time the weight of the droppings becomes so great that the actual ceiling collapses. You would guess that this type of occurrence would be extremely rare but it happens with alarming frequency.

Rio Rancho Fires Started by Bird Nests/ How to keep birds away!

Nesting materials such as Straw, twigs and dried droppings are usually very flammable due to their dry nature. When birds build their nests inside fire place ducts, electric signs or other areas where the nesting materials may be introduced to fire, there is a great risk of property damage. Sign companies that own electric signs blame bird nests for most of their sign fires.

Rio Rancho Bird Nests Blocked Ventilation System/ Get rid of pigeons

Bird nests built in chimneys and ventilation systems can not only spread diseases through the system, but can actually block airflow which can have horrible consequences. A bird’s nest was almost lethal in a town in Dodgeville, Wisconsin, when eight people were taken to hospital after suffering carbon monoxide poisoning – a bird’s nest was blocking an outside air intake, causing carbon monoxide levels to rise in the house.

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    Rio Rancho Diseases carried by pigeons.

    • Pigeons carry mycotic, (airborne) diseases.
    • They carry bacterial and protozoan diseases.
    • They carry various worms which live in their feces.
    • They have fleas which carry disease.
    • Pigeons walk in their own feces.
    • They walk back and forth then perch on your window sill, or patio furniture.
    • You touch it? You may be infected.

    Rio Rancho Mycotic

    Aspergillosis is probably the most well-known air borne disease.
    It is caused by fungi which live saprophytically in pigeon feces.
    You don’t have to touch the feces. Breathing it in is enough.
    This disease poisons the victim’s blood and it causes death.

    Cryptococcosis infects the brain.
    It is caused by yeast carried in the intestinal tract of pigeons and deposited in their feces. As pigeon coops are full of this yeast, inhalation is likely.

    Histoplasmosis is so powerful, and so difficult to detect.
    It is a pulmonary disease but extends to the liver, lymph nodes, and spleen.
    The organism may disseminate to the blood and bone marrow and is fatal.
    Of all the disease this one is most often mistaken for ‘flu’ and treated as such.
    This is why so many people die of it.

    Rio Rancho Bacteria

    Erysipeloid most often starts with a cut. You don’t know where you got the cut. It hurts. You have the sensation of burning, throbbing pain, and intense itching. You treat it with whatever you have at home. It does not get better.

    Listeriosis is especially dangerous for pregnant women. It may cause abortions, premature delivery, stillbirths, and death. Again, one attributes the results to other causes, not to pigeons.

    Pasteurella multicida is spread via pigeon droppings or their nasal discharge. The organism can live a month in pigeon manure or three months in a dead pigeon.Even dead pigeons carry diseases, so dispose of them as haz mat.

    Salmonellosis is more than food poisoning. Gastroenteritis is the most common manifestation. Pigeons spread salmonellae as the bacteria are left wherever the pigeons defecate. As pigeons walk back and forth through their mess, they carry the bacteria on their feet. Many people, especially children get gastoenteritis and do not connect the fact that there were pigeons in the sandbox, perching on those bars the child was touching.

    One of the scariest is Yersiniosis. It is a plague-like disease and indistinguishable from appendicitis. Many unnecessary appendectomies are performed. A perfectly healthy appendix is removed, and the patient doesn’t get better.This disease can be transmitted by pigeon feces, their eggs, or their ticks.

    Rio Rancho Protozoan

    Toxoplasmosis is attracted to brain tissue. It can cause mental retardation and death. Pigeons frequently transmit toxoplasmosis through fecal contamination, respiratory droplets, eye secretions, contact with infected tissue, or through ectoparasites. It destroys the brain.

    Chlamydiosis is another disease which imitates the flu. There is a respiratory infection with high fever, severe headache, and generalized aches and pains. The disease can be transmitted by infected ticks, ingestion, or by inhalation of dust contaminated with the organism.

    Rio Rancho Paracitic

    There are parasitic worms which live in Pigeon feces. Schistosomiasis, one of the most prevalent diseases throughout the world, is caused by a water-borne trematode and pigeons are responsible.
    Called bilharzia, bilharziosis or snail fever, although having a low mortality rate, schistosomiasis often is a chronic illness that can damage internal organs and, in children, impa growth and cognitive development. It is the second most socioeconomically devastating parasitic disease after malaria. Pigeons eat the snails that carry this disease and bring it from one body of water to another.

    The dangers of raising pigeons in Rio Rancho

    What makes raising pigeons so dangerous is that all the diseases they carry mimic more ‘popular’ maladies.
    Unless your physician is specifically informed that the you are raising pigeons, and directs his or her attention to the dangers thereof, (and many are not particularly aware of pigeon borne diseases), the wrong treatment is dispensed.

    How to keep birds away in Rio Rancho / Traditional Solutions

    Rio Rancho Bird Repellents:

    A sticky substance applied to your Rio Rancho structure and you get results immediately!!! Repellents keep birds off their normal roosting areas. Bird repellents are non-toxic, non-lethal and harmless to metal structures, sealed masonry and ornamental metals, people, pets and children. Industrial strength bird repellents can protect your property from messy bird deposits for up to a full year or longer with one thorough application.

    Pest Bird Management’s industrial strength Bird-Repellent is proprietary and it works in any weather, indoors or outdoors, literally anywhere: on water tanks, trees, shrubbery, shipping docks and railroad sidings, yards, parking lots, etc.

    Just one application of our industrial strength bird-repellent and you’ll drive off the birds that are infesting your Rio Rancho premises now and prevent new birds from taking over.

    Rio Rancho Bird Spikes:

    Dense, Transparent Needle Strips, block pest birds from their landing. Can be very effective when used as intended. Birds instinctively fly to roof ledges, windowsills, building projections, signs, statues, trusses and beams but are unable to land due to the bird spike. Bird spike is not the one fix that solves all bird problems. Bird spikes are tough-Long-lasting and provides decades of maintenance-free protection for your Rio Rancho property. Bird spikes can be somewhat transparent, flexible and mounts easily on flat, curved or irregular surfaces – whether wood, metal or masonry.

    Rio Rancho Bird Netting

    Netting is the most efficient and effective method to prevent birds from entering parking garages, airline hangers, warehouses, loading docks, attics, eaves, courtyards and other exposed enclosures. Netting is manufactured from knotted polyethylene twine, is flame resistant, and very strong. When installed, netting is virtually invisible and will not clash with the look of your Rio Rancho property.

    Rio Rancho BirdSlide:

    BirdSlide is a common bird control method. In fact, it can be very effective when used correctly. BirdSlide creates a barrier that makes it physically impossible for birds to land or perch

    Rio Rancho Shock Track

    Electric track bird deterrent systems are low profile bird deterrents used to prevent birds from landing or nesting in unwanted areas of your Rio Rancho property. The unique electrically charged tracks give birds a mild electrical shock when they land on the tracks surface. The shock will not harm birds, but will condition them to stay away from the area making electric track bird deterrents the ultimate in bird behavior modification.The track can be glued, nailed or screwed down to most surfaces.

    The Bird Repeller in Rio Rancho

    Is a solar powered bird repeller deterrent that uses motion to prevent large birds from landing. A solar panel powers a 5-foot telescoping “arm” mounted above the unit to spin continuously, birds will be frightened by the movement and will avoid the area. The Solar Bird Repeller is effective for large pest birds.

    Rio Rancho Bird Chase Super Sonic

    Is a sound device used to deter pest birds from large open spaces. Recorded distress and predator calls of actual birds are broadcasted every ten minutes, when birds hear these calls, their natural instinct is to flee the area. Recorded bird calls are the most effective sound deterrents. The Bird Chase Super Sonic is weather resistant and can be programmed to turn on/off at night. Each unit can cover an acre; additional speakers are available for larger areas.

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