There were several pigeon nests around my house. I first didn’t pay much attention to it, but after a while the infestation got really bad. I spend hours and hours each week cleaning pigeon dropping and it got to a point that I got really tired of these. The guys at this company did a great job deterring the pigeons from my property and their methods were humane. Highly recommended.

David G.

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  1. Ron is very knowledgeable and professional. His team came out on time, as promised and spent a half day “bird proofing” our roof line and home.

    I’ve learned that getting rid of birds and pigeons is not a do it yourself job. I went down that road of frustration and wasted time and money.

    Ron has done Homes all over the North ABQ Acres area and can be trusted with your home.

  2. After I had solar panels installed, I had a pack of pigeons move in. What a mess, I tried a few things to get rid of them and nothing worked. My son-in-law got on the internet and came up with bird pest management. They came out and we set up a day for their to begin. Me and my wife couldn’t be happier. I recommend this people very strongly. Thank you

  3. Fed up with feathers and pigeon droppings in the areas around our home, we decided to call in the professionals at Pestbird Management. And professionalism is exactly what we got. These people know pigeons and how to discourage them from landing on and making homes on roofs! We have been pigeon free for more than 2 years, thanks to Ron and his crew! The materials they use are humane, yet extremely effective.

  4. Ron came out and gave us a quote to get rid or pigeons. They attached screening to our solar panels, applied bird spikes and treated the roof area. All work was done professionally and in a timely manner. No birds were harmed in this process. We are now pigeon free and I highly recommend Pest Bird Management.

  5. Ron and his crew are great! They came out and did a “review” and suggested several methods to (humanely) get rid of the pigeons at my four-plex. One heads up: you need PATIENCE. He will come out and employ several of his methods, but pigeons being what they are, may try to come BACK until you have all the ‘holes plugged’. Ron kept coming out to make sure they had left once and for all! Highly recommended, they won’t let you down.

  6. Ron is a very honest and reliable man. His commitment to excellent customer service is undeniable. I have a pretty large house, and had a severe problem with pigeons nesting on the roof and leaving droppings everywhere. Ron cam out and used humane, non-lethal methods and solved the problem. He guaranteed his work and came out several times to check and make sure the problem was solved. I highly recommend the Bird Blaster.

  7. Ron did an awesome job in getting rid of Pigeons on my roof. The owner before me had spent lots of money putting up nets, spikes, wires, and pigeons were still loving the top of the net. Ron put up net with bigger holes and moved net up. Pigeons were gone in short time. I had 8 that loved my house. When I bought house pigeon problem was suppose to be fixed. It wasn’t. Ron did wonderful job. He would return calls I make to him and he came by several times just checking on the my house. He fixed my pest problem.
    Thank you Ron.
    I would recommend him to anyone.

  8. Ron treated my business for pigeons in 2007. Treatment included guide wires along the top of my canopy, and left them no where to perch. We are now in 2018, and to this day still no pigeons. One less thing to worry about. Hats off to you Ron, Great Job!

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