Bird Removal Pest Control in Sandia Heights NM

Bird Removal Pest Control in Sandia Heights NM

When people think of pest control the first annoyance that comes to mind is usually an insect or a rodent, but many types of birds can be a nuisance and do damage to your Sandia Heights NM property. Birds can block your gutters; potentially cause damage to the foundation of your home. They can also damage a roof and create access points that compromise your homes ability to stay at the temperature you desire. Bird droppings, besides being unsightly, can corrode the materials of a home and cause cracks and leaks.

Signs you have a bird problem:

Of course, just having birds around your Sandia Heights NM property does not mean that you require pest control. However, it is important to look for signs of infestation relatively frequently because pest birds, like pigeons, can reproduce offspring quickly: turning a small issue into a big problem.

Signs to look for:

  • The chirping of young birds
  • Nesting materials and/or feathers in your gutters
  • A concentration of bird droppings can indicate a roost nearby
  • Frequent congregation of birds on a roof or ledge

It is recommended that you perform a visual inspection around the premises to see if there are access points for birds to enter the attic, along with a periodic inspection of your attic. Pigeons can access a roof with a gap as small as an inch.

Pest Control/Bird Waste Removal

Sometimes a property can be free of nests yet be a hub for birds to hunt or perch. When this happens a property can quickly become unsightly from a continuous accumulation of bird droppings. Pest Bird Management will quickly remove the mess and set up humane deterrents so that the bird issue on your Sandia Heights NM property will become a thing of the past.

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