Pigeon Control

Pigeon Control

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There are three pigeons roosting on an orange roof with bird droppings. Bird control is clearly needed.

How to deal with pigeons- Pest control for pigeons


Pigeon control near me, how to deal with pigeons. When dealing with pest control for pigeons, it is important to keep in mind that the market is filled with ineffective products. Some bird control or pigeon pest control products are designed to manage birds, but they simply do not work successfully.

Pigeons are resilient. They sit on bridges, phone lines, windowsills, and building ledges, among other places. When this happens, it’s likely that they will also be on your property.

When you need to get rid of pigeons quickly but do not want to spend too much time or money doing so, a professional bird control service is your best bet.

A single pigeon may not require that you hire a bird pest control expert. But if pigeons become a constant bird control problem, you might need a pest control service near me.

No homeowner wants to deal with these residential pest control issues, and you can’t just tell the pigeons to go away. But if you have an increasing bird control problem, here are a few things for you to think about.

When do I have a pigeon control problem? 

It can be difficult to detect pigeon infestations, not because pigeons are large and their calls are difficult to ignore, but because you are busy. Furthermore, if you are frequently away from home, you are more likely to overlook a growing bird problem as well.

Should you find bird eggs, feathers, nesting materials, or pigeon droppings on your rooftop? It is a sure sign that pest birds have invaded your property, and you may need bird pest control services.

In short, controlling birds may appear simple. However, flailing your arms or throwing stones at birds will not keep them away. You may startle the birds, but once you step inside, the birds will come back.

Pest Bird Management is Albuquerque’s Preferred Pigeon Removal Service. Our technicians are humane, they recognize the signs of bird control issues.

Our bird pest control exterminators understand which pigeon abatement and animal removal products are proven bird deterrent systems that deter Avian pests.

They are highly qualified professionals who will identify your bird control near me issue and recommend a proven bird deterrent system that works

If you have questions about how to get rid of pigeons, call a professional bird control near me service like Pest Bird Management. We will tell you if you have a bird problem or not.

There are twenty-one pigeons congregating on the roof of a building. Pigeon control is desperately needed at this building.

If I ignore pigeon pest control, will the pigeons eventually fly away?


You might be tempted to ignore a pigeon problem and cross your fingers, hoping that the pigeons will leave on their own, which does happen on occasion.

On the other hand, pigeons are unlikely to leave a location where they can roost and raise their young unbothered. Therefore, at some point the number of pigeons will increase to the point where your solar panels will be completely covered with pigeons

When it comes to dealing with a pigeon control problem, the rule of thumb is, the longer you wait, the more severe your bird control problems become. Plastic owls and other cost-effective services including audio bird control products, they won’t keep pigeons away, either.

DIY approaches waste time and are ineffective at discouraging pigeons from roosting and nesting as well. If you have a lot of pigeons, it’s a good idea to call a good pigeon removal service near me. Bird abatement specialists are specialized in pigeon proofing services that keep pigeons off your rooftops. They use bird repellents, bird spikes, and other advanced bird control products to deter pigeons.

As a general rule, the longer you wait to deal with a problem, the worse the problem will get.

If you have a lot of pigeons, the best thing you can do is call a good pigeon removal service near me and ask about their pest control services.

A photo showing two solar panel arrays. Both are covered in pigeon poop, and one of them has a broken critter guard.

Can pigeons cause property damage?

Pigeons are not considered to be desirable guests. In addition to being annoying and disruptive, pigeons represent a danger to human health.

Pigeons are also capable of inflicting significant and costly damage on your property. This includes to your automobile, your roof, and even slip-and-fall incidents.

Nasty pigeons are capable of causing irreparable damage to your balcony, solar panels, and air conditioning unit. When dealing with these invasive birds it could cost you a significant amount of time and money. If you ignore the pigeon issues and refuse to have the birds removed, it is unlikely that the pigeons will leave on their own.

 What pigeon control can I use to get rid of pigeons?

You might assume that removing pigeons is simple. But it takes more than throwing rocks at the birds and yelling at them to keep them away. Even if you temporarily scare the birds away, they will return once you return inside.

More over, there are many popular pigeon-removal techniques, such as using white rice or spices which are ineffective. Plastic owls and other visual bird deterrents are unlikely to keep pigeons from building birds nest or defecating on your balcony. These do-it-yourself techniques are a waste of time. Calling a pigeon removal service near me will save you time and money.

Pest Bird Management is your best choice for pigeon control in Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and Rio Rancho, New Mexico. Should you chose Pest Bird Management as your preferred bird control service. We guarantee that your pigeons will be on their way to finding a new home soon.

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